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  • Project Corewar Part 4: The End Is Always The Hardest

    By Goki Ly / 15 Nov 2019

    This will be the last post of the 4 parts mini-serie on the Corewar project from 42. In this post, I want to talk about a dreadful feeling I get everytime I am almost done with a project. When I am at the end of a project, I am never sure if my code is good enough. Read more »

  • Project Corewar Part 3: Testing Your Code

    By Goki Ly / 28 Oct 2019

    This is the third post I am making on the Corewar project I recently finished at school. You can read the first introductory post and second post about preparation.

    Before enrolling in 42, I learn some web development using Ruby on Rails. During that time, I learnt about test driven development and tried to apply it. That practice disappeared completely after entering in school as it was not as simple as in Ruby to implement test driven development in C.

    The project Corewar made me truly realize the importance of testing. Read more »

  • Project Corewar Part 2: Team Project

    By Goki Ly / 28 Sep 2019

    This is the second blog post of a mini-series where I talk about what I learnt by working on the project Corewar from 42. To learn more about the project itself, you can read the first post of this mini-series. Today, the blog post is centered on my first experience working in a group on a relatively big project. Read more »

  • Project Corewar Part 1: Introduction

    By Goki Ly / 15 Sep 2019

    This project is the last project of the algorithm branch before the internship. It was the project that took me the most time to complete (about a month and a half). While working on this project, I think I have learnt several valuable lessons that I want to remember by putting them on my blog. This blog post is the first part of a 4 part mini-serie of blog posts related to the Corewar project and what I learned from it. Read more »

  • That Time I Had To Rewrite All My Code

    By Goki Ly / 06 Apr 2019

    Today’s post will be about my recent experience at 42 while working on a school project called ft_printf where I had to basically scrap all my code and recode it from scratch. As the name suggests, the aim of the project was to recode the printf function that is widely used in C. We were allowed to use write and malloc from the standard library and we were asked to recode a bunch of conversions such as %c, %p, %d and even %f. Today, I will write about what I learned coding the project twice from scratch.

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  • How To Add A Contact Form On Yout Static Jekyll Site

    By Goki Ly / 05 Mar 2019

    A personal site such as this one with a simple blog can easily be built using a static site generator like Jekyll. However, one thing you can’t do on a static site and that is quite important for a personal site is a contact form, so people can easily get in touch with you. You could put your email address on a contact page so people can write directly to you using their own email account. This is generally considered a bad thing as your email address could be spammed with unsolicited emails. The other solution is to use a third party form provider. In this blog post I will show you how to use getsimpleform’s form on your Jekyll site hosted on GitHub.

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