About me

I was born in Paris, France and grew up in Hong-Kong, Tokyo and Paris. After finishing high school I studied for two years to pass the entry exam of ENS de Lyon (France) in Biology. After being admitted I mainly focused on the study of Genetics and Ecology. I went on to get a Ph.D. in Population Genetics from the National Museum of Natural History (France) where I studied the influence of kinship systems on genetic diversity in human populations.

After my Ph.D., I took a break to visit the Japanese backcountry, taking this opportunity to learn more about organic farming and agriculture in general. During this time, I also started teaching myself programming following tutorials like Rails tutorial from Michael Hartl and the Odin Project.

Returning to Paris, I spent the 2018 summer passing the entry exam to 42, a programming school based in Paris. I started my first year at 42 in November 2018.

I am also an avid rock climber spending the majority of my free time climbing either indoors or outdoors. Every year I take time to travel to climbing spots during spring and summer. This passion has translated into my first web app, built in Rails: TBA.